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Napolitano Honors 2018 “Unsung Heroines” Women of the Year

April 24, 2018
Press Release

(EL MONTE, CA) On Friday, April 20, 2018, Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano honored the 2018 “Unsung Heroines” Women of the Year for exemplary service at an awards ceremony at the Grace T. Black Auditorium in El Monte.

“Each one of you is a unique volunteer, and you all deserve recognition and special attention for your selfless acts of service to our San Gabriel Valley communities,” Napolitano said. “Your compassion, hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity, with a lot of understanding, touch many lives and make a world of difference. We sincerely thank you for giving so much of yourselves for the benefit of others.”

16 women received the award. Each woman’s name was submitted by her volunteer organization or community group which felt her contributions deserved special recognition. Napolitano gave out the awards and thanked the women personally.

“There are a lot of needs in our community, so I would encourage future volunteers to look at areas they feel comfortable and give any time they can to those causes,” said Carol Gilkinson of the City of Glendora. “I feel humbled and very surprised to receive this recognition. It is very nice to see people who are doing extra things be recognized.”

“Growing up we were taught to help others in need no matter who they were,” said Mona Diaz of the City of La Puente. “And if you do something good, something good will come back to you.”

“You can gain a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem when you volunteer,” said Pam Greene of the Monrovia Police Officers’ Association. “Go out there and find someone to help.”

"When you give something to your community, you’re helping your neighbors, and it makes you feel good. It’s a win-win,” said Barbara Radford of the City of Monrovia. “Volunteering at a young age can help determine career paths, and it also helps older women like me stay active.” 

The 2018 Women of the Year:

Annalynn Apolinario – California Mental Health Connection

Teresa Balcazar – North Whittier Neighborhood Watch Avocado Heights Association (NWNWAHA)

Keshia Bowen – Councilmember Larry J. Spicer, City of Monrovia

Maria Campos – Baldwin Park United Methodist Church

Mona Diaz – Mayor Pro Tem Dan Holloway, City of La Puente

Carol Gilkinson – Mayor Pro Tem Judy M. Nelson, City of Glendora

Pamela “Pam” Greene – Monrovia Police Officers’ Association

Lynn Hendricks – Councilmember Karen Davis, City of Glendora

Esperanza B. Herrera – Baldwin Park Adult and Community Education

Katy Ingersoll – Citrus Valley Hospice and Home Health

Rebeca Martinez-Barrett – Councilmember Jerry Velasco, City of El Monte

Suzanne Perez – Councilmember Cruz Baca, Baldwin Park Women’s Club

Dorann Poynter – Azusa Woman’s Club

Barbara Radford – Councilmember Becky A. Shevlin, City of Monrovia

Yolanda Valadez – City of La Verne

Sandra “Sandy” Williams – Monrovia Police Department


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