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Napolitano Responds to State of the Union Address

January 28, 2008
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano (D-Norwalk) tonight responded to President Bush’s final State of the Union Address by issuing the following statements:

“President Bush presented no new ideas in a time when our country faces critical challenges at home and abroad.  His speech underscored that he is leaving office and it is the Democratic Congress that hears the American people and will lead our country in these trying times.  His message offers little hope.”

On the Economy:  “It is disappointing that the President who once identified himself as a compassionate conservative did not join Democrats in our push to include enabling programs such as unemployment insurance, food stamps, and Medicaid in the stimulus package.  Those programs would inject immediate lifeblood into our economy right where it is needed most, at its middle class heart.”

On the War in Iraq:  “We need to bring our youngsters home.  The current situation calls for engaging the international community and securing Iraq collectively so that we can bring our men and women home to safety.”

On Veterans:  “We must ensure that every veteran receives what has been promised to them.  That means providing things such as support for education, training for jobs, and treatment for mental health.”

On Free Trade Agreements:  “We need trade agreements that are fair to American workers and small businesses.  We cannot ratify trade agreements that send jobs overseas and hurt our local economy.”

On Energy:  “New technology in energy conservation and renewable resources can be used to drive job development.  By training people in new technologies we can increase the use of things like solar panels in our homes and save energy while stimulating the economy.”

On Health Care:  “The times demand comprehensive health care coverage that is affordable and accessible for everybody in the community and we must make sure that all of our children get the health care they need.”

On Immigration:  “Immigration reform that brings people out of the shadows of society and keeps our families together is essential.  It is critical that immigrants can become documented so that they receive protection from abuse and fraud.”

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