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Rep. Napolitano Responds to State of the Union Address

January 27, 2010
Press Release

“I applaud the President for focusing his full attention on creating jobs, however a speech is a speech and reality can be something completely different -- especially at the local level. The President must ensure that federal money for jobs is reaching the local level in the places where it can do the most to spur the economy. I encourage the administration to focus on upgrading our nation’s aging infrastructure as the best way to put people back to work. Investments in transportation, water supply, and other critical infrastructure will create jobs now and provide a foundation for future economic growth.

“Increasing federal funding for education is another critical investment for the future, and I strongly support the President’s decision to improve the education of our schoolchildren and the retraining of our workforce. We cannot shortchange our children, workers, and future leaders because times are tough. We will only have a stable base for future economic growth when our children are fully educated and ready to compete in a world economy.

“We cannot give up on health care reform, for the sakes of our families, our children, and our seniors. I hope that the President’s renewed commitment tonight will be picked up by my fellow lawmakers. Within the San Gabriel Valley alone, thousands remain uninsured and a single serious injury away from bankruptcy. Small businesses cannot bear the rising costs of premiums and too many seniors are left on their own when it comes to paying for prescription drugs. We cannot give up now and pass on a system to our children that bankrupts their pocketbooks and puts their lives at risk. I am strongly encouraged by the President’s words, and hope that he and the rest of Congress will move forward to make them a reality.”