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Rep. Napolitano’s Statement on Republican Tea Party Tax Increase

December 19, 2011
Press Release

(Washington, D.C.) Today, Rep. Grace F. Napolitano made the following statement on House Republicans rejecting a bipartisan Senate bill that extended payroll tax cuts for the middle class, a move which could raise taxes and cut critical programs for working families:

“Here we are back in Washington, once again rehashing whether millionaires and billionaires will again get a pass on doing their fair share. Millions of Americans are losing their homes and losing their jobs. The economy is inching along, worldwide markets are confronting economic troubles – and we are debating whether or not we should extend a simple payroll tax cut for working families.

“Speaker John Boehner was for a compromise bill before he was against it. Is the Tea Party so strong that it is now controlling the Republican Party?

“It is time to alert the American public to what this means for them and what is happening in their own backyard. Without a payroll tax cut, the average family will lose $1,000 a year. Also lost will be extended unemployment insurance that helps more than a million Americans put food on the table. Doctors serving seniors across the country will receive a nearly 30% pay cut for seeing Medicare patients if the Medicare “doc fix” included in this bill does not pass. We need to keep the economy going, extend these tax breaks for working people, and help our economy create more jobs now.”

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