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Rep. Napolitano Urges Participation in the 2010 Census

March 16, 2010
Press Release

(Washington D.C.)- As 10-question mailers for the U.S. Census were delivered to homes across California this week, Rep. Grace F. Napolitano urged residents to take part.

“We should all participate in the census for the federal funding it brings to our communities,” Napolitano said. “Four hundred billion dollars a year is distributed to cities based on the census. We must all be counted, or there will be less funding for our schools, roads, hospitals and projects that create jobs. Know that when you participate in the census, you are earning money for government services that help you and your family.”

The census counts U.S. residents every ten years to determine population growth and distribute federal funds and congressional seats accordingly. Areas where the population count decreases could see a loss in funding for government services and representation. Western states could lose the most due to their high percentages of Hispanics and young adults, groups who failed to return their forms in adequate numbers during the 2000 census.

The ten-question census form is the shortest version ever used, and generally takes ten minutes or less to complete. The information is strictly confidential under federal law, and sharing with any other government agencies, including law enforcement, is forbidden.

13 million households will receive bilingual census forms in both English and Spanish. Forms are also available in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Russian, and guides are available in 59 languages at

“Please participate,” Napolitano said. “We must not be left short of services to our families, our schools, and our communities for the next ten years. Stand up and be counted.”